College for the Deaf


The CAP College School for the Deaf (CAP SFD) is the first college for the Deaf in Manila and one of the first post-secondary training programs for the Deaf in the Philippines. CAP SFD opened in 1989, giving hope to deaf high school graduates who are looking forward to college education that will prepare them to become productive members of Philippines society.


The CAP College School for the Deaf believes in the potentials of the Deaf. CAP SFD strives to help improve their socio-economic condition through education and is committed to help the Deaf become competent and skilled workers in their chosen field. CAP College believes that through their personal advancement, they can become instruments in helping their deaf brothers.

The goal of CAP College SFD is to provide the Deaf the best and most appropriate post- secondary and baccalaureate programs. This will encourage them to develop their full potential and become productive, self-reliant, and well balanced deaf citizens of the country.

    • Associate in Arts in Information Technology
    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

    • Application for Admission
    • Medical and physical examination by a CAP College accredited physician
    • College admission test result
    • High School Report Card (for freshmen) or Transcript of Records (for transferees)
    • Recommendation from the high school principal or guidance counselor (for freshmen) or Certificate of Transfer from the former college (for transferees)
    • 2 copies 1x1 ID picture
    • 2 copies 2x2 ID picture
    • Interview with the applicant and parents 

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