Frequently Asked Questions

What is the complete name of CAP College?

Formerly: Correspondence Accreditation Program for College Foundation, Inc.

Now: CAP College Foundation, Inc. – The Distance Learning Alternative System

How is CAP College related to CAP Education, CAP Pension and other subsidiaries of the CAP Family of Companies?

CAP College is a FOUNDATION established by College Assurance Plan, Philippines, Inc. (CAP or CAP Education) and Comprehensive Annuity Plans And Pension Corporation (CAPP or CAP Pension) to provide access to college education to those who cannot go to traditional schools on account of time, work, distance, finances and other constraints, e.g., School for the Deaf for the hearing impaired; Alay sa Kawal – a scholarship program for soldiers, policemen; DEAR-CAP – a scholarship program for those who are financially disadvantaged, and a scholarship program for those inside the Bureau of Corrections.

Who is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of CAP College and its President? 

Former Chairman, Commission on Higher Education (CHED); Doctor of Biological Sciences, Stanford University, USA; Chief Scientist of the Ocean Concerns, Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs; Director, Silliman University-CHED Zonal Research Center; Former Secretary, Department of Environment and Natural Resources; Former President, Silliman University; Awardee, Ramon Magsaysay Awards for Public Service; Declared as a National Scientist per Presidential Proclamation No. 782, Series of 2014.

Is CAP College recognized by CHED?

Yes! We received our Government Recognition on February 14, 1990 from DECS (CHED wasn’t in existence yet).

Who are qualified to enroll?

Any high school graduate or its equivalent – Filipino or non-Filipino.

There are three types of enrollees:

Freshman – high school graduates who have not started college yet, whether non-Senior High School (SHS) or SHS graduate; 

Transferee – those who have started college and wish to transfer to CAP College; 

Cross-Enrollees – those who are enrolled in another college but have sought permission from their college to enroll some subjects in CAP College.

Do you accept ALS qualifiers?

Yes, for as long as the certificate indicates that the qualifier has earned an equivalent of high school education and may proceed to college.

What requirements do I need to submit?

For Freshmen – original high school card; 

For Transferees – original Honorable Dismissal and Transcript of Records; 

For Cross-Enrollees – cross-enrollment permit from the school where they are enrolled.

What if my school records are not yet available?

You shall be required to sign a waiver and you shall be temporarily enrolled.

Where do I enroll? How?

Just go to the CAP Office nearest you. Every CAP Office has a Distance Learning Center (DLC) for CAP College. Each DLC has a Local Registration Personnel (LRP) who will assist you. Accomplish the Application for Admission (AFA) and submit the requirements (if available).

What if I am far from a Distance Learning Center or I live abroad?

You may register online thru email.

Is there an age limit?

No, for as long as you are able, you may enroll.

When can I enroll?

CAP College operates on an open calendar. You may enroll at any time.

What is the schedule of classes?

Since this is Distance Education, there are no scheduled classes.

If there are no classes, how do I learn?

Instruction is delivered thru MODULES. These modules are written by experts and are designed for individual and independent learning. These are available in printed form or may be downloaded from the students’ portal.

Each Module (average of 5 modules per subject) contains the following:

Lessons that you need to master (average of 5 lessons per module)

Self-Progress Check Tests which you can check by yourself in order to measure your mastery of the lessons.

Module Tests which are submitted for checking and grading. These may also be taken at the portal.

Are there other exams aside from those in the modules?

After you have completed all the modules of a subject, you shall take the Final Examination. If you are near a DLC, you take the Final Exam there. Otherwise, you may take the Final Exam online. Final Exams are proctored.

What if I encounter difficulties in my lessons?

Each subject has an assigned faculty-mentor. You can get in touch with them for tutorials.

Is there a deadline for me to finish my enrolled subjects?

You have 4 months to complete all enrolled subjects. However, if you are not able to do so, you have a Grace Period (GP) of one year. After the GP, you pay a Balik-Aral Fee of PhP 500.00 if you wish to complete the subjects.

What is the minimum number of subjects that I can enroll? The maximum?

In order to ensure mastery of the lessons, we encourage students to enroll one subject at a time so that he will have focus. Hence, you may start by enrolling even one subject.

You may enroll up to 24 units per term.

Do you accept installment payments?

You may pay on a per-subject basis.

Do you have scholarship grants?

For now, we have no scholarship grants.

Do you honor credit card payments?

Credit card payments are not honored.

How soon can I finish the course?

The faster you master the lessons, the sooner you can graduate. Our programs are designed to be finished in 3 to 3 ½ years. At one subject per month, you graduate in 4 years.

If I am a transferee, do you credit subjects already taken from other colleges?


How do I complete PE and NSTP?

You need to enroll in a sports gym or engage in community/group sports activities. Proof of enrolment/participation is required for submission.

Modules and guidelines are available for NSTP.

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